Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems in Ernakulam, Kerala

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solar panels and power systems in ernakulam keralaWe do installation of solar panels and solar power systems for existing electrified houses and offices and also help in the construction of new houses with Non-conventional Solar Energy for subsidised installation of solar power.

Individuals who consume more than 300 units of electricity are more interested in installing solar panels,  as they will have to pay huge sum for hydroelectric power, on the introduction of new power tariff scheme of KSEB.


Subsidy scheme would get around Rs 1.2 lakh as subsidy from the state and central governments. The price of rooftop solar power plant varies depending on the requirement. Solar Power is Eco-friendly, has High Efficiency and provide Clean, Renewable & Sustainable Solar Energy Solutions.

roof top solar panel installation ernakulam keralaRooftop solar power plants aims to meet the domestic needs of the individuals from 6-10 in the evening and 5-6 in the morning. Government offices and banks have also come forward to support the scheme as they could use solar energy directly without installing batteries.

Those who use air conditioners, water-heaters and washing machines and other home appliances are more in favour of installing solar panels.

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